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Periodontal Therapy

There have been major advances in non-surgical periodontal treatment for chronic periodontal disease. Our state-of-the-art ultrasonic scalers have been designed by a periodontist for maximum effectiveness on root surfaces. We have laser treatment that can help elimate bacteria below the gumline. Our periodontal therapy is our bread and butter and we as dental hygienists' believe that many of our troubles come from the bacteria that is trapped in our mouths. We have over 700 live strains of bacteria and some are like super bugs that must be eliminated. With over 50 years of combined experience, our dental hygienists are specialists in periodontal therapy and educate our patients so that our patients' are aware of how destructive periodontal disease can be. Certain things like cancer, stroke, diabetes, thyroid issues, stress (and who doesn't have that) are uniquely involved in periodontal disease. Risk factors such as smoking, smoking and vaping, marijuana useage, are directly linked to periodontal disease. We don't take the disease lightly as we are finding many research studies that link periodontal disease with other diseases such as cancer, and now Alzheimers.

We take every opportunity to help you control your periodontal disease problem non-surgically and then reevaluate to determine the effectiveness of the treatment. If surgical treatment is required, the treatments maximize your comfort and your ability to maintain lost periodontal support.
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