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New Year, New YOU!

Written By Hubbard Family Dental Hygiene Clinic on January 27, 2016

I love the new year. It means that new vision, new excitement and resolutions are within reach.

As we start the new year, I am always encouraged by the patients that come to see me with specific oral goals. How boring…some might say. Yes, teeth don’t register high on the goal sheet like weight loss and exercise, but oral care should. I am surprised to see people in my chair that are hitting the gym everyday, are muscle bound, but are suffering, and I mean suffering, with oral infections. There is a slew of reasons why they haven’t been seen. Lack of insurance, fear, no pain associated with their condition, lack of understanding or education. Whatever the reason, I am always excited to see my patients because like a physical trainer helping them build muscles, fight fatigue, and gain strength, I am providing the same service. No, you might not see muscles bulging from a tight tee-shirt, but you will see a white smile, confidence, and a patient leaving without pain. Amazingly enough, once bacteria is removed from the mouth, fatigue tends to stop! There is nothing like it! I love helping people achieve oral goals. This year we have helped many people who have limited income. We have helped three people quit smoking! We have provided whiter smiles for those who have been embarrassed before to show their teeth. We have treated hundreds of periodontal disease cases. We have educated many people about disease and infection in the mouth and how it affects the heart, the lungs, and other major organs.

We are constantly doing research and attending continuing education to make sure we are up on the latest trends in dentistry so that we can pass the educational tips on to our patients.

We love serving you and looking forward to this year and how we can treat you!


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